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The What & Who

Welcome to Know Your Hose, the resource & community hub brought to you by the hose nerds at Mercedes Textiles. We built this for you on the front lines pulling hose lines.

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At Mercedes Textiles, we aim to be fully transparent with our product performance – because we're proud of it and we have nothing to hide!

But more importantly, because YOU are on the line and that matters to us. We want to ensure you have all the information you need to find the right hose, dial it in, and trust that it will deliver when it matters most.

#KnowYourHose has been our tag on social for years; this site is the evolution of that mission. We've published specs on our full lineup of municipal fire hoses (and in the future, our forestry lines). We also created a friction loss calculator to make dialing in your flows that little bit easier.

We tried to include everything you might need – but if you can't find something specific, just ask!

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Beyond The Numbers

Our goal is to make this site a dynamic resource for you, the fire community, so we’ll also be posting resource articles and videos on all things hose.

We'll even be featuring occassional content from guest contributors, like Elkhart Brass, HEN Nozzles and Lt. Ray McCormack, as well as our demo crew firefighters – Lt. Kevin Pfluger (Live Oak, TX) and Capt. Caleb Langer (MA).

Have a topic you want to recommend or content to submit? Let us know!

That means that every time you dial in here, you’ll find a growing hub for hosers – especially once we begin to profile your hosebeds and heavy jobs, your trials and your successes. And for those of you who love our Kraken hoodies, we also have big plans for a swag shop for hoodies, hats, and slaps in the next year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the Know

How does relate to Mercedes Textiles? is powered by the hose nerds at Mercedes Textiles Ltd. We developed it to be a stand-alone resource hub, separate from This way we can offer a web app for your phone – allowing you to access our product specs & calculators easily on the ground.

Our goal is to grow this site into more of a community engagement hub, with stack shout-outs and a swag shop. Go big or go home!

Who writes the resource articles on

We intend to have multiple contributors for our resources articles. We hope to offer viewpoints and expertise from a diverse perspectives. Some articles will be written by Mercedes Textiles, others by our front-line consultants, and others by guest experts or brands. 

Want to add to the knowledge? Go to our CONTACT US page to drop us a topic pitch.

Do you take requests or submissions for content?

Yes, absolutely! We thrive on your first-hand experiences on the fireground to fuel our innovations, and we want to be able to share information across the fire service.  Go to our CONTACT US page to drop us a topic pitch. 

Does Mercedes Textiles publish all of their fire hose details & specs?

That's our goal! We want to be fully transparent with our product performance and specifications. Mercedes Textiles publishes all hose measurements to our hose spec library. We also offer a friction loss calculator.

Right now the library only includes our municipal / structure firefighting hose lines. We will expand to include our forestry lines later this year. 

What if I need more information on a Mercedes Textiles product?

Looking for something you don't see listed? Just give us a shout. We're here for you.

Not to brag, but we are

Innovation Delivered.

That is our promise—and we’ve kept it for over 45 years. Proudly engineering innovative fire hose & portable pumps with unrivalled quality & performance, designed to be safer & smarter for you. Because you work hard, we work harder.

We are proud hose nerds, because knowledge is power and innovation happens when expertise crosses experience. The fire service is ever evolving, so we are committed to listening to your first-hand feedback and engineering to meet your needs.

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