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FireBreak II® is the # 1 choice for weeping hose among forest fire agencies worldwide. Our patented Hydro-Wick® weeping process uses a special weave to allow a controlled amount of water to seep out and self-protect the hose with significantly less pressure loss. Wet-out is achieved 3x faster than the needle prick method!

With our unique Mertex® lining, FireBreak II® is a premium all synthetic single jacket, tough yet lightweight. Ideal for wildland brush fire attack hose, urban interface, grass fire kits, cottage and home wildfire protection, and mop-up hose. ULC approved in 1.5" and labelled upon request.


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Product Details


The hose jacket shall be made with high tenacity filament polyester yarn in both the warp and weft directions, to provide maximum strength to weight ratio and shall have a minimum filler (weft) yarns of 10.8 per inch (425 per Meter).

The hose shall be self-protecting by percolating just the right amount of water through the jacket for even protection along its entire length. This Weeping process shall be achieved by weaving the yarn through the liner thus producing a “Wick” effect to dampen (wet) the hose jacket.


The lining (waterway) must be made from polyurethane and must be applied using a fused process that welds the polyurethane directly to the textile while the hose is being woven, without the use of adhesives or hot melt. The fused lining process must create a virtually inseparable unit without the use of adhesives, yielding an extremely low friction (pressure) loss by filling in the corrugations of the weave, creating an ultra thin and smooth waterway. Fire hose made using adhesives of any type do not meet this specification. The lining shall be approved for use with potable water.


The adhesion shall be such that the rate of separation of a 1 1⁄2” / 38mm strip of polyurethane, transversely cut, shall not be greater than 1/4” / 6mm per minute under a weight of 12 lbs / 5.5 kg.


The 1 1⁄2” (38 mm) hose shall be capable of flowing 70 US GPM (264 LPM) with a maximum pressure loss of 10 PSIG (69 kPa) per 100’ (30.5M).


Couplings shall be in conformance with the current NFPA standard and made of extruded aluminum, hard coated a minimum of .002” thick. They shall be manufactured in North America and permanently labeled with country of origin.

The hose shall be available with threaded and quarter-turn threadless (QC) couplings. When quarter-turn threadless (QC) couplings are specified they shall have extended lugs to facilitate rapid connect and disconnect.

Quarter-turn threadless (QC) couplings shall be forged, approved to Standard ULC S551, and be listed & labeled. They shall be manufactured in North America and permanently labeled with country of origin.


Minimum service, test and burst pressures shall be as detailed in the specification table on the previous page.

A full length will withstand a hydrostatic pressure of 600 psi / 4140 kPa while kinked.

Each length of fire hose shall not weigh more than indicated in the specification table.


Both hose and couplings must be manufactured in North America and be USMCA compliant.


The hose shall be approved to ULC S519.1 and be listed & labeled in the sizes* specified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mercedes Textiles make weeping forestry fire hose?

Yes! Our FireBreak II® is the # 1 choice for weeping hose among forest fire agencies worldwide. We developed our  patented Hydro-Wick® weeping process with a special weave that allows a controlled amount of water to seep out and self-protect the hose with significantly less pressure loss. Wet-out is achieved 3x faster than the needle prick method! 

Learn more here.

What is the Hydro-Wick® weeping process?

When the Forest Services of North America needed a more finely controlled weeping (self- protecting) hose than the previous technology could provide, Mercedes Textiles Limited created this clever, yet simple design wherein carefully spaced yarns were exposed into the waterway.

Through capillary action, a controlled amount of water is allowed to WICK through the yarn and quickly soak the jacket thoroughly. This action produces a wetted outer surface without reducing flow or creating additional turbulence. When the jacket is fully wet, the capillary action automatically stabilizes.

  • The Hydro-Wick® weeping process results in considerably less pressure loss than competing products, while still maintaining protection against fi re and heat
  • Virtually eliminates clogging, as compared to competing products
  • Complete wet out is achieved in up to 300% less time than the needle prick method
  • The resulting wet jacket provides excellent protection against heat, i.e., forest fire applications
What is unique about Mercedes Textiles wildland firefighting hose?

Many things, including our unique Mertex® lining, Permatek HP™ treatment for hose jackets and the Hydro-Wick® weeping process, all developed by Mercedes Textiles Limited.

The Mertex® process for our hose lining is a unique process producing superior adhesion (no delamination), it allows for the use of high strength Filament Polyester yarn in both the warp & weft directions for a greater burst safety margin, provides for increased flexibility, results in lower friction loss therefore higher flow and finally lower elongation of the hose when under pressure.

Our innovative Permatek HP™ treatment guards against abrasion, moisture pick up, mildew and can be applied in a variety of color-coding combinations.

The Hydro-Wick® weeping process is an innovative solution to address the need for a more efficient and controllable weeping hose to use in forestry firefighting applications. Hoses with Hydro-Wick® technology provide a weeping (self-protecting) fire hose with minimum pressure loss, no clogging, a 300% faster completely wet time (when compared with needle-prick methods), and superior protection provided against heat and other forest fire conditions.

Lastly, every one of our fire hoses meet or exceed all performance requirements of NFPA 1961, Underwriters Laboratories, and Factory Mutual.

What kind of fire hose does Mercedes Textiles manufacture?

Mercedes Textiles specializes in manufacturing premium double-jacket polyurethane fire hose. The inner jacket features our unique Mertex lining — not EDM/rubber or nitrile — for unrivaled performance and superior quality. 

From the hydrant to the nozzle, Mercedes manufactures both supply and attack fire hose in all standard sizes. We're known for our legendary KrakenEXO line, but we offer other quality lines for a variety of applications and priorities. We've got the hose you need, guaranteed.

All Mercedes hose and couplings are manufactured from in North America.

What is Mertex® lining and how does it affect friction loss in fire hose?

Mercedes Textiles developed a patented weave process for our Mertex® inner hose linings. We weave a molten lining material directly into the fabric jacket at the loom. This offers a superior waterway — free from adhesives, glues or other bonding agents. The smoother surface minimizes turbulence and friction to deliver greater water flow at the discharge end. Mertex® lining also ensures your hose will never delaminate!

What does the patented Breather™ Technology stripes on the hose do?

Mercedes Textiles' patented BreatherTechnology is an exclusive weave process that releases trapped air and water for superior packability, while also adding flexibility and strength. We currently incorporate these exclusive stripes into our large diameter hose MegaFlo® Breather and our newest KrakenEXO SUPER II™.

Do Mercedes Textiles hose products meet the latest NFPA 1961 requirements?

We take fire hose standards seriously – because YOU are on the line, and that matters to us. Mercedes is committed to ensuring every hose we manufacture meets or exceeds the latest NFPA 1960 (1961) standard. We have all the necessary testing equipment for each requirement, including the new UL-19 Radiant Heat testing required as of March 2021. 

Have Mercedes Textiles products been third-party tested & approved?

On top of our own internal testing, we go above and beyond for many of our attack hose lines by submitting them to Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for third-party testing and approval. UL provides safety-related certification, validation, testing, inspection, auditing, advising and training services for fire hose products. Mercedes is world-renown for the premium quality, detailed specifications and superior performance of our fire hose. 

The international insurance carrier FM Global provides an independent testing division. Using scientific research and testing, FM Approvals make sure products conform to the highest standards for safety and property loss prevention. They follow five steps to make sure the products they’re testing meet quality guidelines. Products that pass get the “FM APPROVED” mark.

What is the warranty on Mercedes Textiles fire hose?

Mercedes takes pride in our products. We understand that a lot rides on their performance – from efficiency to safety. So when you have our lines, you can rest assured we have your back.

On most of our municipal products, we include either a 10-L and/or 2-10-L warranty – the best in the industry.

  • “2” denotes two-year “all hazards” warranty against any damage incurred
    during fire fighting
  • “10” denotes ten-year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • “L” denotes lifetime warranty against liner delamination

Full warranty terms available on our main site.