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Innovation In Action: Introducing the HEN Adjustable Smoothbore Nozzle

Innovation Delivered has been our promise for over 45 years. We live to see innovation in the fire industry and HEN Nozzles are a prime example of product evolution to work smarter, not harder. We were proud to have them trying out our lines in the flow area at FDIC 2023 and again this year! Take a look at what they've created...


"This cutaway view shows how your nozzle functions. The bottom drawing is the adjustable smoothbore nozzle by HEN. The stream can be a tight or wide blade providing superior coverage, cooling and gas contraction. If you are on a hose and nozzle committee or a department decision-maker, you owe it to your people to look at the first significant stream improvement in 75 years. HEN Nozzles will improve your nozzle firefighter performance."Lt. Ray McCormack

Cutaway of the HEN Nozzles
The HEN Blade nozzles are elegant, simple and functional. The blade pattern creates a coverage enhancement in the form of a concentrated critical flow edge. This nozzle is pro extinguishment culture. Both in wildland and structural fire suppression. – Denis LeGear


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160gpm@50psi HEN explained...

Read on for some uncommon thoughts about Shock and Awe philosophy (technically known as rapid dominance) to fire stream application in residential compartment fires. The concept, of expanded coverage is easy to see, in the revolutionary adjustable HEN Bladed Pattern. But the Blade also has a concentrated edge, so application rate is still dense per square foot on the contact point.

This means aggressive surface cooling, remain saturated and intact. But take a closer look at the left photo of the stream, look at all those varied large droplets / chunks / sheets of water that will be worked through the gas layers with nozzle movement from the second the shut off is opened, no secondary impacts required.. The diverse size, and distribution of large droplets means, they will all act in concert creating a large amount of distribution per cubic foot of volume through the entire compartment.

I really look at the Bladed pattern in residential compartment fires as "eight dimension" coverage fire stream. It rapidly coats the Walls, Ceilings and Floor (Classic 6 Surfaces) with less movement / effort at the nozzle position, the Live Fuel Packages are capture in a more complete way than either a normal straight or solid stream between the exit point and impact zone of the Classic 6, this is true fast fuel gas interface suppression. In addition it is rapidly filling the volume of the compartment with a storm of large droplets per cubic foot of space. Those last two dimensions no current stream (Straight, Solid, Fog) comes close to Bladed coverages in both capturing the entire volume and fuel package surfaces with sheets of large chunky sheets and falling droplets of suppression water.

This Bladed Pattern = 8D fire suppression and dominance with large droplets in the entire compartment. Faster time to total critical flow coverage, with maximized gas contraction with less effort required at the nozzle position to seal and coat advance.

This is truly greedy extinguishment focused on faster better more complete suppression with higher life and property preserving potential, it's the Powell Doctrine of fire streams in this application.

I wrote the above to provide knowledge and understanding of why I find the Bladed Pattern that is adjustable back to Tight, so revolutionary for the fire service.

... You be the judge. I remember buying my own 7/8 tip and shut off back in 2000 after exposure to what I believe was a better way to suppress fire than 125gpm@100psi. The same was true after I was exposed to a actual Halligan Pro Bar and 8 lb flat head forcible entry axe, vs a Hooligan and Crap. Once it's in your hands and you think about it, the Bladed Pattern makes perfect sense. There is a reason why your seeing members that have been in fires with it grinning, this pattern crushes fire.

Learn more at and follow them on Facebook @HenNozzles for updates.