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Press Release: Mercedes Textiles Is Making It Easier to Know Your Hose

Mercedes Textiles launches online resource hub, offering their library of detailed hose specs following new NFPA 1961 standards, friction loss calculator and articles on hose-related topics.


At FDIC 2024, Mercedes Textiles Ltd. announced their newly-launched online resource hub – and it’s already providing fire departments with easy access to all the information needed to find the right hose, dial it in, and trust it on the job.

“Whether evaluating new attack and supply packages, or gaining insight into existing ones, the Know Your Hose site is an invaluable tool for referencing hose data,” says Captain Caleb Langer of Northampton Fire Rescue Department (MA). “What used to be a deep dive into a manufacturer's website and other documents to try to piece together information is now at my fingertips to easily gather and compare everything from charged and uncharged diameters to weights, widths, and test pressures.”

For the past three years, Mercedes has pushed #KnowYourHose on their social channels to highlight information on their products, sharing training clips, and showcasing their hose in action on the front lines. This website is the evolution of that campaign – to be fully transparent with product specifications and performance, to help fire departments evaluate hose options, plan hosebed configurations, and ensure peak hose performance.


The newly consolidated NFPA 1960 Standard became effective December 23, 2023, which contains the updated NFPA 1961 with new language regarding hose diameters, such as additional sizes, standard inner diameter measuring method, and new charged inner and outer diameter measurements.

The new standards also require fire hose manufacturers to openly publish certain information, such as charged diameters. “Mercedes takes great pride in being among the leaders with this new standard, so that fire departments can be assured they’re comparing apples to apples when evaluating hose and designing packages,” says Jamie Emblem, NE Regional sales rep.

With, he says, “Mercedes has prioritized remaining compliant with NFPA publishing standards, and gone the extra mile to include additional specs for every hose – all easily accessible in one place.”

"Knowledge is power, and that is the purpose of – we want to give firefighters the information they need to trust our hose, because they are the ones on the line when it matters most" – Bob Richardson, president of Mercedes Textiles Ltd.


Mercedes’ comprehensive spec library is just one part of this new site – they also offer a friction loss calculator, informative articles, and expert training tips, with even more in the works.

The most useful part of the new site for Captain Langer has been the company’s addition of a friction loss calculator along with the spec library, “because it allows firefighters to quickly determine the viability of various potential hose configurations.” The calculator and specs can even be installed on most phone home screens from the browser for quick access.

“Here at Mercedes, we are committed to manufacturing premium quality fire hose, engineered to the highest standard and innovated for your safety. Knowledge is power, and that is the purpose of – we want to give firefighters the information they need to trust our hose, because they are the ones on the line when it matters most,” says Bob Richardson, president of Mercedes Textiles Ltd.

“This site is just another part of our company mission to design and build the safest, smartest lines we can for the firefighters who use them. That’s trust built on over 45 years of innovation delivered.” will be a dynamic, growing site, so check back regularly to see new resources, informative articles, expert columns and podcast collaborations, and of course any new additions to Mercedes Textiles’ premier product lines.