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Knowing Mercedes

First Due On the Hub: Five Things to Know About Mercedes Textiles Fire Hose

Welcome home to your hose HQ with Mercedes Textiles. We have big plans for this site, not just showcasing our innovations, but sharing all kinds of hose-related tips and training, too — not to mention your stacks, packs and pulls.

But to roll out, let's start with the basics:

5 things to know about OUR hose.

Built to outperform & outlast

Designing and manufacturing our own hoses for nearly 50 years means we know just how to deliver quality fire hose that outperforms and outlasts. Mercedes Textiles specializes in premium double-jacket polyurethane hose — not EDM/rubber or Nitrile.

We use an exclusive process for our Mertex® inner hose linings exclusive to our fire hose. We extrude a molten lining material directly onto the fabric jacket at the loom, creating a superior waterway — free from adhesives, glues or other bonding agents. This exceptionally smooth lining minimizes friction loss and yields greater water flow at the discharge end. It also has a lifetime warranty against delimitation.

From the hydrant to the nozzle

Whatever the size or application, we've got the hose you need — guaranteed. Mercedes manufactures supply and attack hose in all NFPA diameters from 1" up to 6". We're known for our legendary KrakenEXO® line, but we offer other quality lines for a variety of applications and priorities. We have also introduced a new oversize 2" attack hose with our KrakenEXO SUPER II™.

Engineered for the job

We believe innovation is necessary for your safety — and that innovation should meet the needs of the fire service. This has led us to many exclusive technologies and processes, like that Mertex® lining mentioned above. We engineered our Breather™ Technology to release trapped air between the jackets for unrivaled packability, strength and flexibility. We treat our hose with PermaTek™ coating to protect it from wear and tear, mold, mildew, and more. We designed our unique WAYOUT® couplings to offer you a low-light, tactile signal for emergency egress. With 60 patents to our name, we are proud hose nerds.

From end-to-end in-house

We do it all in-house in North America – engineer, weave the jackets, manufacture the couplings, assemble and test. This ensures we control our product quality. In fact, we are the only company that manufactures our own couplings in house, like our patented WAYOUT® and IREFLECT STORZ®.

Tested, proven, and backed

We stand by our product quality and performance — we introduced the 2-10-L warranty to the industry and back most of our hose with it. Not only does our hose meets the latest NFPA-1961 standards, but we go above and beyond for UL and FM approvals. Because YOU are on the line, and that matters to us!

There you have it... a little ride along of our ingenuity with us, the hose nerds at Mercedes Textiles. Of course, for a deeper dive into the details of our product lines, check out our ever-growing hose spec library or our friction-loss calculator.

And check back often for our ever-expanding vault of community content — next you’ll see upcoming posts from the experts on any number of topics, like how to right-size your supply package, or a talk on nozzle and hose pairing from the smooth bore nozzle experts at Elkhart Brass.